"We provide design and build solutions, which deliver beautiful green buildings safely and profitably, to the delight of our customers and pride of our team."

Stuart Edwards & Craig Strachan

"There needs to be a major revolution in the UK construction industry to solve the housing crisis, and high-quality, factory-built homes have a major role to play."

George Clarke

Sylva Group is a leading nationwide building company local to the areas of Oxford, Abingdon, Banbury, Bicester and throughout Oxfordshire. We specialise in bespoke design and build solutions for self-build timber frame houses. From the first stages of designing, all the way to the construction and the finalising, we do it all with your needs and requirements in mind. As we tailor our self-build houses to you, we aim to create and develop your dream house which incorporates your standard of living and your financial situation. Each individual timber frame house we build is designed and constructed with your lifestyle in mind. Not only do we consider the aesthetics in great detail, but we use dynamic thermal modelling in order to adapt to your family’s lifestyle. At Sylva Group our prestigious Oxfordshire location allows us to offer our services right across the UK with our state of the art equipment and innovative design team. We pride ourselves on our timber frame houses which are made with green and durable materials. Our self-build timber frame houses are eco-friendly as they help with insulation, which benefits both the environment by reducing carbon emissions, running costs, and your pocket! Our self-build timber frame houses are a speedy process and take a matter of days to construct rather than weeks which is music to both ours, and our client’s ears. Due to our offsite manufacturing the waste produced is minimal and building time is shortened. Our dedicated and professional based in Charlbury, which is located near Oxford and Bicester in Oxfordshire, have years’ worth of experience in self-build houses. We strongly believe that quality is crucial when on the job and when delivering good customer service. Based on your ideas, our team get to work on the design of your self-build timber frame house and the layout with both practicality and efficiency in mind.

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